Nov 5, 2008

recent work

two paintings in acrylic, on paper and board

Sep 12, 2008

recent work

After moving I first had a break. Still building up the studio, but also finally started to work again. Here some examples of recent work.

Jul 11, 2008

moving done now

After some calculating I realized I have a studio for nearly 7 years now. Maybe I was not happy with my former studio (damp, dark, bad surroundings, time for staying uncertain) but it was spacy. And what always happens? You collect more and more stuff as the time goes by, without realizing... that is, until you have to move. So my new studio, not small at all (about 55 m2) is easily occupied with all the material and things.

Photo of new studio:

With this studio I feel like the most wealthy person on earth. Can you ask for more as an artist? Serious drawing and painting has started again. I think this painting is finished now:

I let the colors freely go their way.

Jun 8, 2008

new studio

Busy with moving to a new studio in The Hague. Have to pay a bit more money and it's a bit further away from home, but it's permanent, has enough space, good facilities and well reachable for visitors.

I couldn't work for a while because of this, but in between I started again with drawing and painting.

Apr 8, 2008

work in progress

acrylics on board, nearly ready...

Feb 14, 2008

recent work

acrylics on linen, 90x120 cm

exhibition at NP40, Amsterdam

On febr. 3rd in Amsterdam in artspace NP40 the exhibition "Vier anderen" started with drawings from Machteld van Buren, Joke Brouwer, Joop Stoop and myself.

Photo's from top to bottom: drawings from Joop Stoop (on the left his silhouette), Machteld van Buren, Joke Brouwer and myself (on the photo Joke Brouwer and Corinne Egas).

This exhibitionm follows shortly after "ingrijpen(d)5", a project in Leiden during january. Together with Clara van der Bosch, Corinne Egas, Hettie Wempe and Joke Brouwer for 4 weeks I worked "on location" in the projectatelier of the building at Haagweg 4. A detailed report you will find here (in dutch).

Feb 13, 2008

recent work

From top to bottom:

drawing, mixed media on paper

silkscreen print

drawing, mixed media on paper

painting, acrylics on linnen